About Us


R.A.M. Property Management was formed in 1995 and has steadily grown to include more than 140 managed properties in Central Maine. Over this time, we have developed strong relationships with service providers, contractors, and real estate associations. These relationships allow us to provide fast, reliable services to all our clients. We focus on transparency and flexibility to provide the best customer service, and our Google reviews and client testimonials reflect that.


Sue Barrows started as a landlord years ago with her husband Scott, who also ran a carpentry business. They learned a great deal from their early experiences, and Sue went on to work in many aspects of real estate management, including mortgage loan officer, investment property owner, credit repairer, real estate sales, and property management. All of this experience is crucial to running a successful property management company. We have seen just about every problem from multiple angles and can handle all of them. R.A.M Property Management has over 45 years of combined experience in the industry, and you can count on us.


Property Reclamation: Over the years, R.A.M. has gained a reputation in the community as the go-to company for property reclamation. We specialize in taking over troubled properties, evicting problem tenants, and replacing them quickly with suitable ones.

Eviction Services: Sue has earned the title of Eviction Specialist, and she can handle the entire process of evicting bad tenants; from preparing notices, to serving warnings, to coordinating the actual eviction with the sheriff’s department. Cleaning up and cleaning out is what we do!

Electronic Lease Signings: We offer electronic lease signings to speed up the tenant process. We can have out of state tenants sign their lease electronically after a facetime walkthrough. Most of our records are stored electronically to cut down on paper waste.

Online Portal for Landlords & Tenants: R.A.M. Property Management has a 24/7 online portal for landlords to review rent paid, invoices, and other records. The portal helps keep landlords up to date at all times. Transparency is very important to us.

Sue Barrows

President/Property Manager

Sue Barrows, owner of R.A.M. Property Management.
Sue Barrows

Sue has worked a wide variety of jobs in the investment and rental property business. She was a landlord herself for over 15 years. She started R.A.M. Property Management with her husband Scott. They are still together after 43 years and have two grown children. Sue believes in being environmentally friendly, that’s why R.A.M. is an almost entirely paperless company, with as small a footprint as possible. Sue also believes in supporting local businesses whenever possible. She is an avid gardener and gives to the Good Shepard Food Bank, the Family Violence Project, as well as other charities. Sue is the face of R.A.M. Property Management, and she excels at pairing landlords with suitable tenants.